Taylersons Malmesbury Syrups
The only British artisan syrup maker

Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups serves farm shops, fine food delicatessens, high street retailers and coffee shops as well as on line retailers such as Amazon and Not On The High Street.com.

Taylersons Malmesbury Syrups

Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups are for flavouring coffee and other hot drinks, for gourmet cooking and flavouring milky Frappes and milk shakes. We also make a prize winning Mulling Syrup ideal for making mulled wine, cider and apple juice. Offering other products alongside the syrups such as the locally produced Rave coffee in ground or beans. Offering a new cold brew coffee Brewed Cold, made using some of the Taylerson's flavours.

Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups draws on its wide experience of food & drink as well as access to some of the best flavours and ingredients in the world to produce a wide range of delicious products. Being a small, flexible company, are able to quickly develop new recipes and products.

Who we are

Started by John Taylerson in 2007, Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups products are on the shelves in John Lewis Food Hall Oxford Street and many other shops since such as local Waitrose stores. We are constantly producing new flavours and welcome flavour suggestions.

Charlotte has helped out over the years with consumer tastings and sales, but currently works at the unit to ensure things run smoothly from day to day. From stock control and sales quotes to processing and dispatching orders, a bit of a jack of all trades!