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British Flavoured Coffee Syrups
The only British artisan syrup maker

A shot in your coffee? Poured on ice cream? Drizzled over yogurt?
Stirred into porridge? Spice up a cocktail? How will you use your syrup?

A 250ml bottle of Mulling Syrup and a specially selected 750ml bottle of Rioja - a perfect combinationThe perfect gift - to yourself or for someone special

A 250ml bottle of Mulling Syrup and a specially selected 750ml bottle of Rioja - a perfect combination.

Here is the ideal gift for anyone you know who loves wine and the winter season, especially if they like to entertain.

A gift that will actually give them a nice warm feeling too with a simple solution to making mulled wine.

A little indulgence for you or your special friends?

A bottle of Mulling Syrup contains all the sugar, flavours and spices in exact proportions to mix into wine, cider and apple juice for an instant mulled drink.

Ideal for making one glass in the microwave or mixing large quantities for parties.

Mix about 10% of mulling syrup into the wine or cider of your choice for an instant result. 
You can make as much as you need or even just a glass at a time. 

Pour a shot of the syrup into a glass or saucepan and add wine.  Then just add some heat.  (Be careful not to boil.)  Stir and serve.  Simple.

Still not sure?  Why not check this short video on YouTube and see just how simple it is:

Want to include a gift message to send as a personal gift? Just add instructions or email us with specific requirements. Also available for corporate gifts.

Enquire further about our Syrups or buy the Mulling Syrup & Rioja Gift Set online here.

Flavour of the month December: Gingerbread and Christmas Cake

Flavour of the month December: Gingerbread and Christmas Cake

December is the first proper month of winter and with Christmas on its way we think you need two flavours for this month.

Gingerbread is always popular in the winter with it warming flavours of ginger.

Christmas Cake flavour is perfect for…Christmas.
This flavour combines the fruity flavours of a traditional Christmas cake with the hint of the icing. (contains nut)

We have a special seasonal gift pack so that you can have both flavours in one neat presentation.

Enquire further about our Syrups or buy our Syrups online here.

We would also like your recipes too either on the FaceBook page or emailed to us at

Luxury Cotswold Coffee Break SetNew Product - Luxury Cotswold Coffee Break Set

A box of delicious goodies selected from the Cotswolds for a luxury coffee break.
Indulge yourself in secret or share with friends!

  • 1 x Caramel Flavoured Syrup from Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups (250ml)

  • 1 x Milk Chocolate Honeycomb from Lick the Spoon (125g)

  • 1 x Mini Shortbread Biscuit Selection from Marshfield Bakery

  • 1 x Rave Ground Coffee Signature Blend from Rave Coffee (250g)

Click here for more information and to order.....

coffee syrups for home and for coffee housesFlavoured syrups are brilliantly versatile. Not just for flavouring coffee but lots of other drinks from chocolate,  coffee through tea and  milky drinks. We even offer cordials

Made in the Cotswolds on a rural park land estate these syrups are premium prize winners.

Coffee syrups are more popular than ever and now it's not just for when you are out. You can have the same coffee-house experience at home.

Coffee Syrups are ideal for flavouring all manner of drinks, coffee being the obvious one! You can use our coffee syrups to flavour anything from a milky latte to a double espresso that needs a little more fruitiness. Flavouring a coffee also can be about mood and the time of day or even the time of year. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who enjoyed and re-ordered our Christmas Cake flavoured coffee syrups.

Seasonal flavours are popular too; Easter Bunny and Hot Cross Bun were fun in the spring. Autumn preparations mean that as soon as the nights draw in preferences change. Flavours like Apple & Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Crème Brûlée Toffee and of course our Mulling syrups all become popular.

Syrup Gift SetsSyrup Gift Sets
However Christmas is coming and even in the height of summer we have to prepare for the Christmas onslaught which usually starts the day after children return to school in September. This Christmas will see Eggnog flavour as well as the usual favourites of Christmas Cake flavour

Using the syrups could not be easier; A shot of 10 – 15 ml in a mug of coffee is one way – although it is just as likely you would enjoy it on your porridge or muesli, as a topping on ice cream, for flavouring creams and cakes.  Try it in your cocktails too! 

Taylerson's Malmesbury Syrups can be found in John Lewis Food halls, local West Country Waitrose stores,, and many fine food delis, food halls, independent coffee houses and tea rooms.

New flavours and pack formats are being developed all the time. Taylerson's offer 1 litre clear plastic bottles (they look like glass but don't smash like glass), 250ml elegant Italian glass bottles and 50ml miniatures in gift sets, ideal for any coffee-lover in your family or friends. 

Click here to purchase our syrups now.

We often get strange requests for new flavours and have managed to create some very special flavours including a Curry flavour for our friends in London. If you have a suggestion, share it with us!

Email your suggestions'Like us' on facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the new developments as soon as they happen.